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Social Media for Academic Work

Image by Hello I'm Nik 🎞

The following accounts are run by SWCHS staff and are useful for you to follow to keep up with latest news related to your subjects:

English Lang @swchseng
English Lit @swchslit

Maths - @SWCHS_Maths

Languages - @swchs_mfl

Geology - @SwchsGeology

Drama - @SWCHSDrama

Geography - @SWCHSGeography

Politics - @swchs_politics

Music - @SWCHSMusicDept

History - @swchshistory

Art - @SwchsArt

PE - @pe_swchs

Media - @SwchsMediaStu


Technology - @SWCHS_TECH

Business - @swchsbusiness

Human Sciences - @swchshumsci

Health and Social Care - @swchshealth_social

Sixth Form - @swchssixthform

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