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School Nurse

Mrs Moorey and Mrs Doe They are here to help you. It’s all confidential!


Mrs Moorey and Mrs Doe give ongoing support to students with physical and emotional problems – often acting as first contact and liaising with GPs, family and other local services, where necessary. Sometimes they will refer students to the School Counsellor where appropriate.


The school nurses provides information and contact points for specific problems, such as eating disorders, self harm, substance abuse, smoking and they will liaise with other professionals where appropriate. They will also provide emergency sexual health services, assisting students in accessing emergency contraception from their own GP surgery.

They can provide emergency first aid treatment for accidents and injuries.

They will support students with ongoing problems such as diabetes, asthma and epilepsy and liaise with parents or GP when required.


If students feel unwell during the school day, they should see the school nurses, who are able to advise and if necessary authorise the student to go home.


How do you meet with a school nurse?


Either email SWC Nurse or just turn up at the nurse’s office during school hours - go past Sue's Cafe and you'll find it further down that corridor on the left! 


NB: Sanitary items can be provided by Mrs Chapman in the Year 12 Office.

What do I do if I feel unwell during the school day?

If you feel unwell during the school please go to your designated Year Office or Mrs Chapman to sign out. 

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