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Need to Talk? 

In School Support

Support Groups

Your SWCHS Form Tutor

If you have concerns about your welfare, talk to your tutor. They have loads of experience working with all types of student problems and can really help. They are here for you, so just speak to/email them to book a one-to-one tutorial

Sixth Form Team

If you would rather see someone else, the Sixth Form Team are ready to help.

Here is the list and where to find them:

Mrs Kennedy - Director of Sixth Form - office off the Book Nook / silent student area

Year 13 Team - Year 13 office

Mrs Bendall (Deputy Director of Sixth Form - Head of Year 13) 

Assistant Directors of Sixth Form - Dr Wood and Dr Toogood

Year 12 Team - Year 12 office 

Mr Hansard (Deputy Director of Sixth Form - Year 12)

Assistant Directors of Sixth Form - Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Ward and Mr Brown 

Ms Bertie - Study Support Supervisor and Study Centre Manager (in the Year 13 office)


Mrs Chancellor - Study Centre Supervisor

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Chapman - Sixth Form Office - in the Safeguarding Office

Feeling low? Not sure what to do? Not sure if you feel safe? Worried about what’s happened to you or someone else? Worried about something you have done? Come and see Mrs Chapman, our friendly Safeguarding Officer.

Jo Chapman new.JPG


Beth Robertson is a qualified accredited counsellor.

She is here to help you. It’s all confidential!


Why might you want to meet with her?

There may be a variety of reasons why you might want to ask for counselling. In the past, Beth has worked with students who have struggled with anxiety, drug and alcohol problems, depression, self-harm, family/parental/ relationship difficulties, friendship issues, bereavement or family illness, and questions about sexuality and gender identity.


How do you meet with her?

You can ask directly for a referral to see Beth by emailing her on or approaching Beth in person; she has a desk in the Wellbeing Hub on the field. You can also ask via your Form Tutor. The service is confidential; you can work exclusively with Beth or she can help you access other appropriate agencies. Please contact Beth if you have any concerns or are worried; she will always try to see you as soon as possible.


Single Session Therapy

Additionally to the regular school counselling service, Beth Robertson also offers ‘Single Session Therapy’. This service will offer you a single solution focused session and it is different to the walk-in service listed below. Referral requests will need to be made via your Form Tutor/member of the Sixth Form Team, so that Beth can assess your needs via an electronic referral form before your single session.


Form Time Walk-In Counselling

6th Form 'Drop In' - Wednesday afternoons on a Week 2 - Period 5 and 6 - Well Being Shed on the school field (near Pavillion).

No referral needed.

Drop-in also on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 1.10pm to 1.50pm - on a first-come first-served basis (Dressing Room 7).

Note: You can also email  to arrange a chat with Mrs Moorhouse, who is our Wellbeing Lead teacher in school.

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