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Cover Expectations 

Unlike at KS4, if your KS5 teacher is absent, your class will not be covered by another member of staff. This is because you are able to work independently and are trusted to complete the work set by your teacher. If your teacher is absent, you will be informed via TEAMS and set work for your lesson. It is important that you follow the guidelines below:


  • When a member of staff alerts you via TEAMS that they are unable to teach your lesson, it is expected that you will complete the work set during the lesson and meet the deadline in place for the work. 

  • At the beginning of the lesson, you must fingertouch in to register using one of the wall mounted machines. If you do not fingertouch to register your presence, your missing mark will turn to an unauthorised absence by the end of the week. 

  • You must go to the classroom that you would normally be taught in and remain in there for the lesson, working quietly and independently. 

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