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Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service

If you are affected by drug or alcohol use – your own or someone else’s – they will work to keep you safe and get things sorted. They’ll find out what you want and give you whatever support you need.

Tel: 08444 991 323 Text: CHOICES to 80800



West Essex Alcohol and Drug Service

ADAS supports individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug misuse, to enable them to make positive lasting changes which improve the quality of their lives.

Tel: 01279 438716



The National Association for Children of Alcoholics

Do you ever feel ashamed, embarrassed or confused about your parent's drinking? Perhaps you feel different from other people you know. Or you want to know how you can help your parent? You are not alone; there are many young people experiencing similar problems. When a parent has a drink problem, it affects the whole family, and can be especially difficult for children and young people.

If you would like to talk to someone, our free confidential helpline is here for you.

Tel: 0800 358 3456.

Email: Web:

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